Snuggin Plush Stuffed Animal Pacifier / Teether Holder & Small Toy Storage All-in-One

Snuggin is a Baby’s Best Friend and a Parent’s Dream Come True!

Has your baby ever flung their pacifier across the restaurant and you had to go searching for it? Remember that time they threw their favorite toy in the car and cried for the remainder of the car ride? Yikes. Or maybe you’re tired of your baby losing their binky during their nap and not getting any sleep. As parents here at Snuggin, we know your struggle all too well. Are you ready to finally stop chasing binkies and still keep your baby happy? Then you’re ready for a Snuggin.

Why Kids Feel Uncomfortable?

What Snuggin Can Do For You:

Parent Testimonials

To say parents are busy is an understatement. It’s easy when you work full-time and raise a family to lose track of things. One of the important things to keep track of is your baby’s pacifier. Any parent knows the feeling you experience when your baby is crying in the middle of the night and you go into their room to soothe them and their pacifier is nowhere to be found. A real recipe for disaster! Snuggin is a brilliant solution that will keep pacifiers and other toys close to your baby. You’ll never have to go looking again.

Devon Frazier -

We have a 6-month old that currently plays with a toy for a short while and then looks for the next thing. The Snuggin has been the longest lasting toy that she has enjoyed. I LOVE how you can change out accessories using the Velcro so there is always something new for them to play with (you can attach anything you want, not just pacifiers) so it keeps her constantly entertained.

Jasmine Mattingly -

The Snuggin is perfect! It is soft, adorable, and best of all practical! It is the perfect place to hold pacifiers and other little items that can easily get lost. Each of the legs has Velcro fasteners so you can easily attach it to a baby stroller (or anything else) to keep it from being misplaced and makes it easy to grab and go when you’re in a hurry. I would definitely recommend this product for little ones. Very useful!

Mary Sandelis -

Safety Tested and Mother Approved!

Snuggin has been through the rigorous ASTM F963 safety testing, so you can be assured that it’s been assessed and examined by professionals in toy safety. Each Snuggin is made with completely new materials, is 100% BPA free, and the Velcro used is soft enough to not harm your baby's gentle skin but strong enough to hold onto their pacifiers and other small toys. Snuggin is free from small and sharp parts that could harm your child or present a choking hazard. Snuggins are toys we’re happy to give our own children and hope you are too!


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