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The History Of The Pacifier

In 1901, Christian W. Meinecke, a druggist from Manhattan, applied for a patent, for “a new and original Design for a Baby Comforter”.

The concept of a baby comforter however wasn’t anything new, for centuries babies had been giving objects to help soothe them, or to alleviate teething pains such as wooden beads, knotted cloth dipped in honey, bone or coral pieces.

The Meinecke baby comforter consisted of an India rubber nipple, connected to a disc, typically made from bone, ivory or aluminum, to prevent the nipple from being swallowed by the child.

Other patented designs soon followed, with the rubber nipple and disc remaining as a consistent feature.

Some of the newer designs and patents featured rings that would allow parents greater control over the pacifier should they need to intervene and remove the pacifier.

Early pacifiers were also relatively unsafe by modern standards, the rubber nipples were processed with sulfur, which left them foul smelling and an unfavorable color.

To rectify the color, many early pacifiers were tinted white, a process that left them tinted with traces of lead.

While for many mothers, the pacifier’s invention brought about relief. Other criticised the pacifier, linking it to illnesses such as scoliosis, deformations of the tongue and mouth, as well as other long term psychological “issues”.

Despite these criticisms, the sales of pacifiers continued to grow as more and more patents were submitted.

The sulfuric rubber nipples were replaced with latex and silicone, plastic was also used as a substitute for the bone, ivory and aluminum anti-choke shields.

Different names for the Pacifier

Pacifier, Binky, Paci… We all call it by different names. Below are some of the┬ápet names for the Pacifier that we’ve seen our Facebook community use over the past year.

  • Bah Bah
  • Bibber
  • Binkus
  • Buppy
  • Chupi
  • Doopie
  • Ga Ga
  • Ginkie
  • Hushie
  • Meemer
  • Mute Button
  • Nibbler
  • Nuggie
  • Pip
  • Pucka
  • Zoogie


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