Snuggin Plush Stuffed Animal Pacifier / Teether Holder & Small Toy Storage All-in-One

What’s a Snuggin?

Snuggin, The Plush Pacifier Animal Your Baby Will Love!

Snuggin’s designed to be easy for your baby to hold and as well as attaching to your baby’s binky, it also easily attaches itself to your stroller or car seat, meaning even if baby lets go, it won’t go far. You can read about how Snuggin came into being here.

Baby’s love plush toys for a number of reasons, but you’ll love Snuggin because of the peace of mind it’ll give you when your pushing your stroller through the mall or driving across town, knowing that you won’t have to search high and low for a misplaced pacifier.

No more separation anxiety

Separation anxiety typically affects babies between the ages of 6 months and 2 years and can lead to your baby being unsettled, during the day and the night.

This can often be made worse by your baby’s new found understanding of object permanence, something that Snuggin is aimed to alleviate. When your baby understands object permanence, they suddenly become aware that you (the parent) can go somewhere without them, they realize that their toys can become lost.

Snuggin makes it easy to wean your baby from their favorite pacifier by allowing them to keep their best friend Snuggin by their side.

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