Snuggin Plush Stuffed Animal Pacifier / Teether Holder & Small Toy Storage All-in-One


Frequently Asked Questions

To save you time, we have put together a list of the most frequent questions we here. However if your question isn’t listed below, please feel free to contact us, and we will do our best to answer your query!

I have my own brick & mortar store and would love to sell Snuggin. How can I resale Snuggin?

We welcome any retail stores who are interested in selling Snuggin – please contact us at

Where Can I Buy Snuggin?

Currently Snuggin is for sale exclusively through Amazon to ensure the highest level of customer service to all of our great customers as we work to scale out our business. You can click the “Buy Now” link above to be linked directly to Snuggin on Amazon.

In the future we plan to make Snuggin available in retail stores and other websites online.

If you’re interested in purchasing Snuggin for your own brick & mortar store, please contact us at

What is Snuggin?

Snuggin is a plush toy designed to add function to a toy that is destined to be your baby’s new best friend! Soft and cuddly as can be, Snuggin allows you to attach pacifiers, teethers, or any other baby toys to its Velcro arms and legs to keep them close and easy to find at all times.

Snuggin also helps prevent parents from having to chase their baby’s toys by allowing them to attach Snuggin to strollers, baby carriers, high chairs and more!

Snuggin also includes internal storage accessible via its back to allow you to bring toys, diapers, snacks, or anything else you want to make it easy to bring with you. Grab Snuggin and go!

Finally, Snuggin makes it easier for parents to wean their babies off their binkies when the time comes by allowing them to keep their best friend Snuggin nearby (without an attached binky of course).

What makes Snuggin better than other pacifier holders?

When designing Snuggin we took into consideration what was currently available by others on the market and noted several areas where we could make improvements:

  • No Ability to Swap Out Pacifiers – Many similar products only allow you to use the pacifier that is permanently attached to their product. This is a problem because different babies like different pacifiers and with these other products you cannot swap them out. Additionally, as your little ones grows up they require binkies designed for older babies but these other products only allow you to use with your babies up for the first six months!
  • Only a Single Attachment – When we designed we wanted to be able to grant parents the ability to attach up to four different pacifiers or other toys. This makes it even easier for your baby to find their pacifier, teether, or other favorite toys. It also gives parents the ability to attack four different types of toys to keep their babies happy for longer periods of time.
  • Unable to Attach to Strollers, Carriers, High Chairs, etc – One of the things many parents love most about their Snuggin is the ability to attach Snuggin to things like high chairs to keep them from having to go chasing their babies favorite toys over and over when they drop/throw them.
  • Lack of Storage – During the early market testing phases we received feedback from testers that they’d love to be able to use the interior of their Snuggin to store small items to make it easier to bring with them on the go. We designed a storage cavity in Snuggin that closes securely with very strong Velcro to protect what’s stored inside but soft enough to not hurt your baby if it is exposed to their skin. No other pacifier holder on the market includes interior storage like Snuggin.
Is Snuggin safe for my baby?

Absolutely! Safety has been at the top of our concerns for Snuggin during every phase of its creation:

  • Safety Certified – Snuggin has been ASTM F963 certified by an independent lab who conducted a series of rigorous tests to ensure Snuggin is safe for your little loved ones!
  • All New Materials – To ensure every Snuggin made to the same high standards, every Snuggin is made entirely of new materials
  • Velcro Safety – Special care was taken when selecting a Velcro for your baby’s Snuggin. We wanted to make sure we used a Velcro that was strong enough to hold onto your baby’s pacifiers and other toys but soft enough that if the Velcro came into contact with your baby’s soft skin it would not cause any harm
How do I clean my Snuggin?

Snuggin is machine washable by placing in a mesh laundry bag or pillowcase with the end tied shut. Wash on your machine’s gentle cycle on cold. Remove from your washer and allow to air dry.

It is not recommended that you wash your Snuggin in the dishwasher for safety and sanitary reasons.

What pacifiers/binkies is Snuggin compatible with?

Snuggin is compatible with any pacifier that has a loop/ring it can attach to. Inexpensive attachments can also be purchased to attach Snuggin to other pacifiers types that do not have a ring.

Below is a list of just some of the types of pacifiers that can be used with your Snuggin!

Baby King
Dr. Brown’s
Tommie Tippy

Will there be more colors/models of Snuggin available in the future?

Yes! As a small business being funded without any investors we’re having to be smart with how we invest our money but we have big plans for how we will expand as the business grows. In the future additional colors will be available (gray, pink, and yellow are currently our most requested) in addition to other animals (giraffes and monkeys are the most requested now but use the Contact link if you’d like to see something else!).

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