Snuggin Plush Stuffed Animal Pacifier / Teether Holder & Small Toy Storage All-in-One

There are many benefits of staying fit during pregnancy but it can be very difficult to find the time, and not to mention the energy, to exercise and eat right at this time. Find out what works best for you, here are 6 helpful and easy ways to maintain your fitness and nutrition during pregnancy. Walking is the perfect exercise for pregnant women. It has been recommended that you aim for at least half an hour to an hour of exercise six times a week – but it doesn’t specify what type of exercise is the best. Walking can help to increase your energy levels, so why not try starting with shorter walks and build up to longer walks. In no time at all, you will feel better and more energized! If you find it too difficult to be motivated at your local gym, skip going and invest in some workout DVDs which are aimed specifically at pregnant women. These will help you to remain fit during pregnancy in the comfort of your own home! What could be better motivation than having a friend as a workout buddy? If you have a pregnant friend, consider signing up to your local prenatal exercise classes to help keep each other motivated. Don’t have a pregnant friend? Going solo to these classes can be the perfect way to meet other moms to be. Alternatively, try meeting up with a friend to exercise, but remember not to push yourself too hard. One key area to concentrate on when exercising is your core. Using your deep core muscles can ease back aches caused by pregnancy and can also lead to an easier delivery. Pilates, low impact cardio and the treadmill are the perfect way to target these muscles without causing you a lot of discomfort. Keeping a journal of your fitness and nutrition goals can help to make sure you stick to them. It can also be used to record other aspects of your pregnancy, for you to look back on in the future. Lastly, always make sure that you drink plenty of water when exercising and take lots of rest. The further you progress in your pregnancy, the harder it is to exercise. Listen to what your body says and stop when it becomes too difficult. It is also essential to ensure that you wear comfortable clothing and suitable footwear for working out. This will make it easier to exercise and avoid causing any pain and complications during your pregnancy.

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