Snuggin Plush Stuffed Animal Pacifier / Teether Holder & Small Toy Storage All-in-One

What is Snuggin?

Snuggin is a plush toy designed to add function to a toy that is destined to be your baby’s new best friend! Soft and cuddly as can be, Snuggin allows you to attach pacifiers, teethers, or any other baby toys to its Velcro arms and legs to keep them close and easy to find at all times.

Snuggin also helps prevent parents from having to chase their baby’s toys by allowing them to attach Snuggin to strollers, baby carriers, high chairs and more!

Snuggin also includes internal storage accessible via its back to allow you to bring toys, diapers, snacks, or anything else you want to make it easy to bring with you. Grab Snuggin and go!

Finally, Snuggin makes it easier for parents to wean their babies off their binkies when the time comes by allowing them to keep their best friend Snuggin nearby (without an attached binky of course).

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