Snuggin Plush Stuffed Animal Pacifier / Teether Holder & Small Toy Storage All-in-One

What makes Snuggin better than other pacifier holders?

When designing Snuggin we took into consideration what was currently available by others on the market and noted several areas where we could make improvements:

  • No Ability to Swap Out Pacifiers – Many similar products only allow you to use the pacifier that is permanently attached to their product. This is a problem because different babies like different pacifiers and with these other products you cannot swap them out. Additionally, as your little ones grows up they require binkies designed for older babies but these other products only allow you to use with your babies up for the first six months!
  • Only a Single Attachment – When we designed we wanted to be able to grant parents the ability to attach up to four different pacifiers or other toys. This makes it even easier for your baby to find their pacifier, teether, or other favorite toys. It also gives parents the ability to attack four different types of toys to keep their babies happy for longer periods of time.
  • Unable to Attach to Strollers, Carriers, High Chairs, etc – One of the things many parents love most about their Snuggin is the ability to attach Snuggin to things like high chairs to keep them from having to go chasing their babies favorite toys over and over when they drop/throw them.
  • Lack of Storage – During the early market testing phases we received feedback from testers that they’d love to be able to use the interior of their Snuggin to store small items to make it easier to bring with them on the go. We designed a storage cavity in Snuggin that closes securely with very strong Velcro to protect what’s stored inside but soft enough to not hurt your baby if it is exposed to their skin. No other pacifier holder on the market includes interior storage like Snuggin.

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