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10 Things Not To Do When Pregnant

It seems that there a tonne of helpful blogs and articles telling you what to do when you’re pregnant, but not that many which focuses on what not to do when pregnant. It seems fairly obvious, what you probably shouldn’t do when you’re pregnant – avoid alcohol, smoking and sushi – but here are 10 things you also might not want to do when pregnant:

1 | Avoid looking at old pictures of yourself on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram of before you were pregnant. When you are at the largest stage of your pregnancy and exhausted, looking at pictures of yourself not pregnant will lead to bad things.

2 | Don’t try on clothes that are not from the maternity section of a clothes shop. Trying to squeeze into leggings or a dress that isn’t in the maternity section will lead to you feeling crappy and potentially eating your weight in junk food.

3 | Do not watch or read birth stories, birth photos or anything to do with cute animals. This is a sure-fire way to spend the day as an emotional wreck. Remember, your hormones are all over the place when you are pregnant, so avoid anything that is likely to make you cry for the rest of the afternoon!

4 | Avoid google at all costs!

5 | Don’t assume that your fitness level is the same as it was before you became pregnant. Don’t push yourself, remember that you are growing a person inside you, so of course you won’t be as fit as you were pre-pregnancy but that’s ok!

6 | Don’t feel guilty about doing absolutely nothing all day. Sometimes all you need is a PJ day on the sofa watching your favourite series on Netflix.

7 | Don’t feel bad if you don’t make plans after 7pm. Being pregnant is the perfect excuse to sit on the couch all evening watching rubbish tv!

8 | Don’t tell anyone what you are considering calling your baby – well not unless you are brave enough to hear them tell you that they hate the name!

9 | Don’t feel bad if you read a tonne of articles telling you what to do when your pregnant and ignoring the majority of their recommendations.

10 | Lastly, and most importantly, don’t compare yourself to anyone else whilst you’re pregnant. So what if your friends are all smashing it in the gym and you can barely get the energy to walk around the block. You are growing a human being and that is something that to be proud of!

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