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10 Ways To Keep Your Back Healthy During Pregnancy

A lot of women experience backache during pregnancy. This is due to the production of a hormone known as relaxin. Relaxin helps the body to prepare for childbirth by aiding the loosening of ligaments in the body so that the baby can pass through the pelvis with no hassle, but this in turn makes pregnant women more unstable and prone to injury especially, yes you guessed right, in their backs. Besides, the fact that you are putting on more weight and adopting a new posture to accommodate the bump, also causes backaches during pregnancy. Other factors include, emotional stress and muscle separation.

Experiencing backache is something common and considered normal amongst pregnant women, but because it is common doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be addressed and treated. Listed below are ways to keep your back healthy when pregnant:

Sleeping Right

One way of easing back pain when pregnant is to sleep on your side. Endeavour to lay on your side with one or both knees bent, while you are at it, you can use pregnancy pillows to make sleeping more comfortable and restful, or you can try putting a pillow under your knees and another under your belly.


Walking is a very easy and simple exercise you can perform during pregnancy. You can walk from your home to your next door neighbor or simply walk down to the store, if it’s not too far. Walking is easy to fix into your schedule and it will cost you nothing.


Swimming is considered to be the perfect exercise for pregnant women because it helps relax and strengthen the lower back and abdominal muscles.

Stretching & Yoga

Stretching is another good exercise you can consider during pregnancy as it helps to relax the muscles that support the legs and back. It also makes them flexible, easy for you to carry with no strain at all. So as not to put too much strain on your joints, you need to stretch gently and slowly. You can join a prenatal yoga class so as to know how to go about it and besides, these classes will teach you how to remain agile and it will also enhance your balance. Please note, for these exercises, you will need to check in with your healthcare provider so as to ascertain which will be more comfortable for you. Getting into yoga can also help you after your baby has been born as you work to remove stretch marks or any access weight.

Lifting The Right Way

When lifting something small or close to the ground, DO NOT bend at the waist, try squatting down or bending with your knees instead. Try not to lift anything heavy, but in case you’re going to, lift with your legs not your back.

Standing Straight

Make sure you are always standing straight and tall, hold your chest high, do not lock your knees and try not to push your belly too far forward, keep your shoulders back and relaxed and stand with your legs wide apart. Do not stand for a long period of time. If you are going to be standing for longer hours, you can use a stepstool to prop your leg and you must make sure you take frequent breaks.

Sitting Right

Always endeavor to sit in a straight position. Always sit in ergonomic chairs that supports the back or, you can put a small pillow at the small of your back to make resting easy and to also support your back.

Have The Right Accessories

Always try to put on shoes with low heels, not flat shoes. Avoid high heels completely as they can tilt your balance forward and cause you to fall. You can also try putting on a maternity support belt, although researches haven’t confirmed the effectiveness, a lot of women find it comfortable and helpful. Maternity pants are also helpful. They have wide elastic bands that fit under the belly.

Hot and Cold Treatments

You can try adding a little heat to the affected area. You can place a warm towel, a warm water bottle or a heating pad on the painful area. Do not administer heat to your abdominal region during pregnancy. Putting a pack of ice on the affected area can also alleviate the pain. Please check in with your healthcare provider to know if this is appropriate for you and to also know the extent to which you can use this method.

Back Massages

A prenatal massage can also help in the easing of backaches during pregnancy. It will ease the muscles and also boost your circulation if done properly by a trained specialist. Once your doctor says it’s ok, go ahead and treat yourself to some massage.

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