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10 Ways To Calm Your Baby

Fussiness is a common occurrence in daily life with a baby. Usually, it is because they are hungry, need a nappy change, they are too hot or cold and sometimes it’s because they are poorly. Just as often, babies fuss for no obvious reason and it’s difficult to calm them down. Next time, try these top 10 tips to help calm your fussing baby.

Make your baby snug and swaddled

Most young babies feel most secure when they are wrapped closely with a soft blanket – or ‘swaddled’. The cosiness of the blankets reminds the baby of being in the womb, and is guaranteed to calm them down. Learning to swaddle a baby looks harder than it is, but it is worthwhile. Wrapping the baby’s arms in the blanket will stop them flailing and will calm them down sooner – especially if you warm the blanket first!

Sucking to soothe

Sucking on a breast or bottle, will release soothing chemicals in a baby’s brain, so why not try giving your baby a pacifier to help soothe them when they are being fussy.

Let’s sway!

Gentle movement is a fantastic method of calming down a fussy baby. Try some gentle rocking, using a rocking chair, or bouncing on an exercise ball whilst holding your baby close to you. The cuddling and repetitive movement is bound to lull your baby into a calmer state.

Taking a drive

Taking your little one for a drive around the block is proven to calm down your baby, as well as being less physically demanding for you as a parent. The motions of the car are guaranteed to lull your baby straight to sleep.

Baby Massage

Giving your baby a gentle massage on the back, tummy, legs and arms can aid digestion and help your little one to sleep. Not only will it calm your baby down but it will also help you to bond with your little one during those crucial early years. Before trying baby massage yourself, make sure you attend a class and learn the proper techniques.


One of the easiest ways of calming your baby is by the art of distraction. Placing your baby in a bouncer seat can help to create the soothing movements which have a calming effect. You can also try to distract your baby using their favourite toys, or even toys which make noises or have varying textures and colours.

White Noise

Gentle sounds or music have a calming effect on babies as it reminds them of being in the womb. Overstimulation is usually the cause of fussiness, so by softly humming, playing gentle music or even vacuuming whilst holding your baby can have the desired effect of calming down your baby.

Have a cuddle

Sometimes all your baby needs is a cuddle and they will calm down instantly. Babies really respond to skin-to-skin contact, so if you are in a place to do this, take off your top and strip your baby to their nappy and have a cuddle. Lay your baby on your chest, near your heart to have maximum effect.

Bathe away the blues

Some babies take to water, like a duck to, well water! So a calming bath in a quiet place without bright lights is just what the doctor ordered when trying to calm down a fussing baby.

Get some peace and quiet

Try sitting in a quiet dark room, cuddling your baby to help soothe their cries. The undivided attention plus the calming sound of your breathing will soon send your little one into the land of slumber!

So next time you struggle to calm your baby down, remember these top 10 helpful tips!



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