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15 Home Remedies To Sooth Teething Aches

Teething is not fun for either the baby or the parents! There are a few signs that let parent’s know their child is teething and not just hungry, sleepy, or wet. These signs include, but are not limited to; red cheeks, sore or irritated gums, sleepiness through the the day, biting on fingers or pacifiers, general fussiness, sleeping problems, pulling at ears, or running a fever. Some of these contradict others, because all babies are different.

With that being said, here are some remedies that may help your little one get through this tough time.

Chilly Chewables

Having a teething ring or some type of teething chewable chilled in the refrigerator will help teeth cut through the gums. Putting the chewable in the freezer will cause the teether to be too hard and it won’t allow her to bite down.

Cold Food

A bottle with cold milk or water in it will allow her something to chew on in between sips. This can relieve some of the pain along with hunger!

Clean Fingers

You can rub your fingers on her gums where the teeth are cutting. That will help ease the pain.


Sometimes all it takes is a good game of peek-a-boo or a nice tickle session to distract your little one from the pain.

Homemade Popsicles

Making homemade Popsicles with baby food in an ice tray. There are other forms of ice trays that work just as well, but you can get two trays for a dollar at Dollar Tree! Can’t beat that!

Frozen Pacifier

You can create a frozen pacifier that is highly effective. This can be frozen because she will suck on the pacifier and not bite down on it. ┬áTherefore, it doesn’t hurt.

Snuggle Time

Sometimes all it take is a little snuggle session to get the attention she needs to not focus on the teeth cutting through her gums.


Medicine isn’t always the first go-to. It also shouldn’t be. Medication should always be cleared by your doctor before using it. However, medicine can be helpful.

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea on a washcloth, chilled, can be helpful. The Chamomlie tea eases pain, but this must be talked through with a doctor prior to doing it.

Wooden Spoons or Spatulas

For some reason or another, chewing on wooden spoons and/or spatulas helps relieve the pain. It seems strange, but when she won’t stop crying, you’ll do anything!

Frozen Foods/ Food Masher

For older toddlers, you can give them frozen carrots, peas, or whatever other veggie they enjoy. For the younger babies, putting food in a food masher will help them chew on something, but it’s also yummy!


The banana toothbrush is a huge hit with teething. It has “bristles” that are flexible and not as rough as a normal toothbrush. That’s what makes it so perfect! You can find it here.

Sophie The Giraffe

This giraffe is helpful for teething because of the long legs and it makes reaching the back teeth possible. You can find it here!

Teething oil

Baby teething oil can help to relax the gums. This can get rid of the pain for a little while. It seems to be most effective before feeding or before nap time.

Mouth Massaging

Massaging your baby’s mouth will help sooth some pain. This can make the gums relax, but it can also be funny to your little one. Hopefully it’s funny to her so she will laugh and stop crying long enough for you to get your sanity back!

All of these are remedies that can work. Although, you should talk to your doctor to see what they suggest first. But of luck!


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