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5 Reasons Your Baby Loves Plush Toys

There’s no denying that the plush toy is the staple of every young child’s bedroom. If a child only has one toy, it is guaranteed to be a plush animal. From dogs and bears, to unicorns and elephants, there are enough stuffed animals out there to appeal to every taste. So what is it about stuffed animals that is so appealing to children? Here are 5 reasons why kids are still crazy about stuffed animals.

They Encourage Nurturing

One of the best things about plush animals is that they give children the chance to adult, especially after a hard day of being bossed around by real grown ups. They are lightweight, humanoid, and compliant making them the perfect recipients of children’s pretend care and discipline. It has been suggested by some Child Development Experts that imaginative play such as pretending to be “mummy” or “daddy” to a stuffed toy is essential for their mental and social development.

They’re Always Smiling

No matter what is happening in life, plush toys are immune to letting you down. It doesn’t matter how many times they are dropped, accidentally left behind or forgotten about for a few short minutes, they always have a heartwarming smile on their little faces. Those reassuringly happy faces always make the world a happier place, no matter what is going on in the kid’s life. Parents may be disappointed, but it is guaranteed that teddy isn’t.

They Give Great Hugs

There is nothing better than a big squishy hug, and no one better to give it than a stuffed animal. They can also take a hug of any length or intensity,without having to breakaway to answer the door or the phone.

They are super easy to clean up

The overstuffed, lightweight and squishy bodies make it easy for children to tidy their stuffed animals away after playtime. When the stuffed animal needs cleaning, which it inevitably will due to sticky fingers and clumsiness, it can be put in the washing machine and will come out as good as new!

They Are Dependable

Plush animals are simply a child’s best friend. They don’t bend, break and are extremely durable. They don’t require batteries to have a long life, and if they rip they can be fixed quickly with a bit of thread and some extra fluff. In short, stuffed animals have long lasting durability and are the perfect friends for children everywhere.

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