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5 things to remember for your baby’s first thanksgiving

Your baby’s first thanksgiving is an exciting and also a nerve-wracking experience. It is your debut as new parents and you want it all to go swimmingly! Here are our top 5 things to remember to make your baby’s first thanksgiving absolutely perfect!

Make sure you don’t skip naptime

It is important to ensure that your baby takes naps during the day as you don’t want them to become too overstimulated. That said, don’t be a stickler for the routine, with everything that’s going on your baby may need to nap sooner than usual. If your baby doesn’t actually sleep, make sure that they get some quiet time to rest.

baby napping

Take lots of photos

Don’t forget to take as many photos as possible, after all your baby only gets one first thanksgiving! Make sure you don’t miss the perfect photo opportunity especially if you are spending the holidays with family.

baby photos

Think about the family

Often, this is when you have to perform your first bit of parenting in front of the rest of your family and this can be daunting! Make sure that you have a plan in place to ensure that you maintain your authority as parents whilst respectfully maintaining the peace.

baby family

Feed smartly

Not all the foods on the thanksgiving table are baby safe, so avoid just giving your baby some of your feast. Make sure that you check which foods your baby can have before you give it to them. If you prefer to feed your baby, packaged baby food pick up some thanksgiving themed pouches for an extra treat.

baby eating

Make sure you pack for every eventuality!

Putting your baby into a new environment can be quite a stressful time and they may react in different ways. Make sure that you pack more than you usually would, especially extra clothes, bibs, diapers, formula/breast milk and their favourite toys, to ensure that you are covered for every eventuality. The last thing you will need is to run out of essentials at the last minute, especially in front of your family!

Following these tips will make your thanksgiving holiday go a lot smoother, and allow you to enjoy the holiday too!

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