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5 Tips To Stop Your Toddler From Biting

Toddlers get to a new stage seemingly every week or sometimes every day. Now you’re into a new stage, biting. You have no clue how to stop it and she just thinks it’s funny! How are you supposed to discipline your little one when she is laughing at you? Snuggin has some tips!


Biting Back

Might as well get this one out of the way, nobody likes to discuss it. There is a bad reputation with biting back. You either believe in it or you don’t. If you do, it can be useful to bite back. It teaches your child they are hurting someone when they bite. She will soon realize that biting results in pain for her, which can be enough to stop! If she continues to bite, try another tactic like time out.


Time Out

If you have a child that is seeking attention (commonly found in siblings), this can be their way to get your attention. Time outs can allow her to cool off and regroup. It’s recommended one minute of time out per year of age. The goal is for your child to realize that biting will lead to not having playtime and that could cause her to stop.


Reading Books

Try reading a book that teaches empathy. Since we are not born with empathy, it needs to be taught. The earlier the better! Especially since toddlers are very focused on “me, me, me.” You can get Teeth Are Not For Biting here!

Teeth Are Not For Biting

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Short, but firm.

When talking to a toddler, they do not have a long attention span. Giving them long explanations why they are wrong will lead them to walk away. Giving short, but firm commands will stick with her longer. Give as little attention to the victim as possible so your little biter won’t do it again to get your attention!


Something to Bite

Give your little one something to bite, like a teether. You can clip a pacifier or teething ring to her shirt so she has something to take her frustration out on. Eventually she will grow into her emotions and handle situations better.


As a parent it can be frustrating when she thinks it’s funny or just continues to do it without remorse. It will get better with time, but these are some tips you can use to hopefully stop the biting early! Good Luck!



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