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5 Unusual Ways To Get Your Baby To Sleep

One of the biggest challenges for parents is getting your little one to sleep. Sometimes it can feel like your baby will never go to sleep, even after trying everything in your repertoire! Here are out top 5 unusual ways to get your little one to sleep, which surprisingly, do work!


One effective way of getting your little one to sleep is by bouncing them up and down. The movement has a calming effect on baby sending them to the land of nod sooner than you can say bedtime! Taking it in turns with your partner can make all the difference as the change in rhythm can have a soothing effect on baby.


Making soothing noises such as saying shh can have a calming effect on babies sending them to sleep. Combine this with bouncing them up and down and you are definitely onto a winner!

Car rides

The age old trick of taking baby for a ride in the car to get them to sleep is an old favorite because it does usually work! If it doesn’t usually work for your little one, try driving on a bumpy, brick road. The vibration and sensations will comfort your baby allowing them to fall fast asleep.

White noise

Using a white noise machine can have a really comforting sound for babies to help them relax and sleep. If you don’t have one, or just want to try it for yourself first, try using a blow dryer with baby in the room and see how fast they will fall asleep! Alternatively, using the vacuum can also help baby fall asleep, so try combining doing the housework with getting baby to sleep.

Tracing fingers down their face

A last unusual way of getting baby to sleep is to stroke their face from the forehead to the chin. This can have a soothing effect on your little one, helping them to fall asleep faster. This is not a guarantee and so it is worth testing some of these tips to find out what works best for your and your little one.

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