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5 Ways To Strengthen Your Relationship During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is a great time for you and your spouse to get closer. However, it might not always be that easy with hormones going everywhere and sleep being harder to get as your stomach grows. So how do you strengthen your relationship?

Being Spontaneous

Being spontaneous together is not only fun and exciting, but it also brings the two of you closer together. Now, buying a house or a brand new car might be something to check the finances on first, but maybe going hiking or on a spontaneous date is a better place to start! This could also be grabbing your spouses hand when you are walking through a store. Ladies, don’t be afraid to do something for your spouse. He is going through a change as well, he can use some surprises!


Business With Pleasure

Why not follow up a doctors appointment with a nice lunch? Or topping off a nursery decorating day with dinner and a movie? Maybe that one you should order pizza and watch Netflix. Nursery decorating is tough work! When you make baby business about the both of you, it’s so much more enjoyable than it already is! Also, why not make baby business about the both of you as well? You’re going to be parents to that little one, you definitely deserve to celebrate together before the little one gets there!


Talk, Talk, Talk

Keep talking to your spouse. There is a tendency to only talk to your spouse about baby things, which is normal. However, there can also be a negative vibe that comes from it when you are constantly asking if he got this or did that. If you notice you’re doing it (or even if you don’t notice it), take a step back and the next time you call him to ask if he remembered something, start the conversation off by telling him how much you love him and how great of a dad he is going to be. Soon-To-Be daddies need that too!

Also, communication is key in general with new parents. Words can get twisted and messy. Make sure you’re in constant contact with your spouse so there is no room for confusion!

Get Away – While You Still Can

Run away together for the weekend! Book a romantic getaway before the getaways mean going to get more diapers and wipes. If you plan on flying for this getaway, consult your doctor first so you can get the ok! Make sure wherever you go the beds are comfy and there are activities for you both to do! You don’t want to be left out on your romantic getaway because you can’t go down a waterslide while pregnant. However, you are able to float in a lazy river!

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Schedule Romance

Now is a great time to schedule date nights once a week. These will help you and your spouse become closer together and have a chance to focus on each other. This should be something you continue after the baby comes, but it just might be at home then! Make them on a day that will work for both of you, at least 90% of the time. It’s next to impossible to schedule a date night that will always be free, however, changing the day each week makes it hard to get into a routine and can be frustrating remembering which day it’s on this week.


By doing these five things, you’ll be on your way to strengthening your relationship with your spouse. This is a vital key while being pregnant so you can continue to be a strong power couple when the baby comes! Best of luck to you!


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