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7 Great Christening Gift Ideas

A christening is a Christian blessing which usually involves baptism. This is a big step for the parents as well as the baby. This ensures that the parents will raise their baby in a Christian home and that is not to be taken lightly. We have some cute git ideas for a baby who is going to be christened!


Fingerprint Tree

This one could be tricky to give as a gift before the christening party, but can still be done! You can make your own according to the baby’s family tree. This is a great gift to put on a canvas and hang on the wall or put on thick watercolor paper and put in a frame. Don’t forget your name under the fingerprint!


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Scrabble Shadow Box

This shadow box will be great for hanging as well. This one is great for showing a photo of the christening. It looks put elegant and cleanly put together. These are $27.04 on Etsy or you could just buy a shadow box frame and do your own version of it.

shadow box

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White Shoes

These shoes can be seen as a symbol of walking with Christ, even when your little one can’t literally walk! These are cute little nik naks that can be put on a shelf for decoration in your baby’s room. You can buy these from Etsy for $32.00 or buy shoes and find someone to embroider for you!


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This particular infant bracelet comes in different sizes depending on your child’s age and wrist size. These are cute for when the babies are little and get christened and once the bracelet is too small, it can be framed in a shadow box frame as a keepsake.┬áIt will be incredible to look back at how tiny the baby’s wrist was when they are older! You can order these on Etsy for $27.00 with the option of the first initial on the heart.


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Picture Frame

This picture frame is a keepsake that should be up on a wall in a baby’s room as a daily reminder to the parents (and the baby once he can read) of the Christian oath they took. This can be color customized. All you need to do is send the information with the order along with the color! Not only does this serve a purpose, but it also has a cute layout and fonts! You can order this on Etsy as well for $8.99!


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This blanket can be embroidered with they baby’s name and it has a cotton tag that can be used for birth stats, birthday, or, in this case, an inspirational quote or message you would like to share. The baby blankets range from $10 to $78 depending on what style/material you decide on. They can be found here!


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Letter Frame

This letter frame is simple, but cute. It also is customizable! You can have four “big words” (larger font size) and other descriptive words about the christening (the church name, month, date, etc.) or just in general about the baby(family, love, baby, etc.). These are also great for hanging on the wall as decoration. You can customize the word colors and the sparkle word. The sparkle word us usually the child’s name, but it does not have to be. You can order these for $48.08 on Etsy!


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These are all great gifts for a little one who is being christened. Depending on the gender and the family, you can decide which one best fits. For example, these can all be in a frame on a wall, but the shoes can also be on a shelf! Just remember, this is going to be the baby’s for the rest of his life, it might as well be able to last a lifetime. Even if it is in a frame!


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