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7 Ways To Take The Fear Out Of Live Fireworks For Your Children

It will soon be the fourth of July and you and the family will be heading out to see the fireworks, but for younger children it can often be a frightening experience. Here are our top tips for helping to take the fear out of live fireworks for your little ones.

Discuss the event before you go

Often it is the surprise element of fireworks that can make your little one most anxious. Try discussing what they can expect from the show before you do. Explain the ins and outs of your trip, and describe what happens when a firework goes off. It may also be worthwhile to show them videos on YouTube so that they know exactly what to expect.

Pick a friendly spot

Consider going to an event which is family friendly and in a safe location. Good places to go are beaches or schools, as these are family orientated. Observing other children’s reactions to the fireworks can help to reassure your little one that it’s not as scary as they think.

Keep calm!

It is really important that you stay calm throughout the event because anxiety is infectious and the last thing you want is to intensify your child’s anxiety.

Take a comforting object

Pack your little one’s special toy or blanket, as this will bring them comfort if they find it difficult to adjust to their new environment. Alternatively, if all the noise does become too much for your little one, ensure that you have a pair of earplugs on hand.

Leave the very little ones at home

It may be a good idea to leave any babies and toddlers at home because live fireworks can be unnecessarily stressful for them. The loud sounds, bright lights and crowds can be distressing for your little one. However, these are just guidelines and of course, if you think your pre-schooler will love the show, then it is fine to bring them along.

Be serious about their fears

It is important not to trivialize their fears, as this will not help them to overcome their fear. Instead, try comforting your child by staying close and talking them through each of the firework until they feel calmer.

Have a back-up plan!

If the fireworks are making your little one very miserable, then make sure that you have a back-up plan. Either arrange for a responsible adult to take them home, or arrange to take the family home to watch the fireworks on the TV or have a family film night.

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