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Babyproofing Your House! The Snuggin Checklist

It can be quite overwhelming when your start to think about baby-proofing your house. Just one look around your house and you see a million potential death traps, which plunges you into an anxious mess as you make sure that every possible surface is protected so your little one can’t hurt themselves, only to find that you missed out something. Especially, if you baby starts to crawl earlier than you thought they would! Whilst it is completely normal to be anxious and overwhelmed at the thought of baby-proofing your house, it is essential that it is done properly. Here is our room-by-room guide to baby-proofing your home.

The Kitchen

When it comes to the kitchen, it is better to be safe! Ensure that all cabinets and drawers are adequately locked and any appliances on work tops are either locked away or pushed further back from the edges. It is also important to make sure that all stove knobs are covered to prevent your little one from accidentally pushing one of them. Lastly, ensure that any cords are out of reach, especially where baby is at the crawling stage!

Living Room/Dining Room

Ensure that all blind cords are all out of baby’s reach. As far as possible, try to ensure that all furniture are secured to prevent your little one accidentally pulling anything over. It is important to make sure that any corners or door knobs are adequately covered and that there are fireplace gates or guards in place. Also, ensure that the windows are lockable, just in case of accidents!

The Bathroom

The bathroom can be full of hazards for your little one. Luckily there are plenty of ways of baby-proofing the bathroom. Firstly, make sure that you have locks on the toilet, covers on the door knobs and locks on any bathroom cabinets or drawers. For when baby has a bath, make sure that you have a water temperature gauge and a non-slip bath mat for extra safety.

The Bedrooms

Again, similar to the rooms above, make sure that all cupboards/cabinets/drawers are lockable, door knobs and window sill corners are covered, cords are out of reach and that all furniture are secured. Another valuable addition to the nursery is a thermometer. This is an invaluable instrument for ensuring that the temperature in baby’s room is always at the optimum temperature.

Babyproof Checklist

Lastly, there are some general safety precautions in place to provide a safe haven for your little one. It is essential to make sure that you have working smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors on each floor. Not only is this an essential baby-proofing method, it will also benefit all of your family. Our final tip is that you must make sure that all outlet covers are protected to ensure that you’re little one doesn’t get too curious about the electricity outlets!

This list is not exhaustive and you will know what’s best for your home and your baby. So, trust your instincts and don’t worry about being too “over-cautious”, if you think it would be best, then it probably will be!

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Snuggin’s Babyproofing Checklist! – An infographic by the team at Snuggin.

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