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Baby’s First Halloween

It’s almost time for Halloween! Ghosts, goblins, pumpkins and all. How do you make it memorable for your little one? How do you create memories that will last a lifetime? Take a look below!


Salt Dough Pumpkin Keepsakes

These pumpkin keepsakes make for great decorations around the house or hanging on bedroom doors. They only require three simple ingredients (salt, flour, and water)! These are great to do for baby’s first Halloween or even every Halloween to see how much your child’s hands and or feet have grown! Get the recipe from Parker’s Mommy’s website!



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Pumpkin Carvings

This is where mommy’s and daddy’s get creative! There are many ways to show your baby’s first Halloween through carvings, but some of the most creative/cute ones we have seen are below!


This is an adorable pumpkin carving idea! Using the handprints of your little one to go with the letter “B” to spell “Boo” is so creative! It might be a little difficult to get a good handprint, but guessing the palm part is okay, we won’t judge you!


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Carving their name into a pumpkin is cute and educational! You can explain to them that this is how their name looks! It also works better if you do it for the whole family to show how different the names are! However, if your child is 2 weeks old for their first Halloween, that conversation might not get too far! This pumpkin in particular only has the name shaved off. That’s a lot less work for you!

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Leg Holes

Not only are these extremely adorable, they make for great Halloween photos! You can even use them for the fall photos in general! It’s probably best to put some sort of blanket or towel down so it’s not cold or uncomfortable for your baby to sit in. Make sure you cut the holes big enough so it’s easy to get him out, don’t want to be tugging on him while he’s in there!



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Baby’s First

This is the more generic one, but still cute! Carving Baby’s First into a pumpkin with him sitting next to or standing by it is adorable and sure to get you a ton of likes on Facebook!



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Baby’s First Halloween Signs

These signs are great for Halloween and can carry into November! Hanging on a bedroom door or propped up on a mantle.

Ghost Footprints

These are the cutest little ghosts you’ll ever see! Putting the paint on your child’s feet will at least get you a smile if nothing else seems “fun” to them! That should be worth it, right? And you get to hang it up somewhere as a scary decoration! It’s like a two for one deal!


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These are great for keepsakes. You can do these MANY ways, but we think this one is the coolest and most creative! You simply just do hands and feet prints with different colors on painted wood, thick cardboard, or canvas! These can be attached with ribbon, string, or whatever else you can come up with! These can be fun for your little one too because the paint tickles their feet and feels gooey on their hands! Good luck getting good prints! You can always do them a few times! This one has the hand prints on the spider, just don’t do the thumb!


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Even if your kids don’t seem as interested in what craft they’re doing, they will appreciate it later. Encourage them to keep up the good work, add some color, or decorate some more! That will get them motivated to go further into their decorating!


Happy Halloween & decorating!




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