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Basics Of Baby Yoga

Baby yoga can be a factor in your child’s development. There are more benefits than you may think!


  • Digestive and nervous are among the baby’s bodily systems that are stimulated.
  • Offers recourse to help alleviate wind and colic and to keep babies contented between feeds.
  • Assists babies in the difficult transitions from one developmental stage to another while also reducing frustration.


Psychological Benefits

  • Active interaction with parents sets a positive tone for early childhood years and beyond.
  • Joint relaxation can be helpful for relieving stress and helps with non verbal communication. This can also help and heal early birth trauma.
  • New challenges can help you baby be able to cope and adjust positively with new situations.


Physical Benefits

  • Promotes more and better sleep. That’s enough on it’s own to convince some parents!
  • Baby yoga promotes a more “calm” behavior. Less dramatic ups and downs.
  • In one short session, your baby will be as tired as if they have been playing for hours.


Now enough with the benefits and onto the workouts! Everyone loves a good workout, right? These are some of the baby yoga exercises you can do with your little one. They are divided up into exercises for just babies and then Mommy and Me exercises so you can do exercises with them! If you’re looking for more ways to get back into shape, check out our other blog, Moves to Lose Weight After Giving Birth!


Baby Only Exercises


This pose is particularly helpful in aiding digestion. Lay your baby on her back on a thick blanket or carpet to protect her head. Kneel down at her feet, grab her thighs, and gently lift up her legs. Be sure to keep her shoulders, neck, and head still on the ground. Watch your baby for clues that she is ready to come down. Examples would be turning her head or arching her back.


Downward Dog

For this one, your little one will need some help from you. Downward dog is better done by babies who are at least 5 months old. First, place your baby on her stomach. While you kneel at your baby’s feet, grab your child’s thighs and gently raise her behind up off the ground keeping her weight on her feet. Your baby may not be able to keep her legs on the ground depending on her age, but as she gets older she will be able to create the downward dog triangle that adults do!


Mommy and Me Yoga

Knee Plank Push-Up Kisses

Start with your hands and knees on the floor. Lay your baby up a little farther than directly under you since you’ll be in a push-up position. Inhale, and then exhale while bending the elbows, keeping them tucked in toward your sides, and slowly lower yourself closer to your baby until you’re close enough to kiss their nose or forehead. Inhale to press yourself back up.

Repeat 5-10 times. This pose helps develop core strength and will also work your triceps!


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Begin with feet about 3 feet apart with toes pointing out in same direction as your knees while holding your baby. Bend your knees deeply sinking hips down to the height of your knees while exhaling. Try to keep your knees directly over your ankles. Inhale and straighten legs. Doing three sets of 8 will give you a great workout! If that’s too simple for you, going up to sets of 12 will do the trick!

This pose stretches your hips, strengthens core muscles and increases circulation. All while your baby goes for a little roller coaster ride!


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Cat and Cow

Start on your hands and knees with your baby on the floor under you so you are face-to-face. Your hips should be over your knees and your shoulders over wrists. When you inhale, tilt your tailbone up, rounding your back (cow pose). When you exhale, arch your back (cat pose).

Repeat with deep breaths. Yes, it’s okay to make funny faces with eye contact! These movements can help with lower back pain while stretching out your spine.


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These are just some of the yoga poses for babies and mommies, you can find more here! Happy yoga-ing!



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