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The Best Baby Blogs To Follow In 2016

Looking for some other baby blogs to follow besides Snuggin? We understand and won’t take it to heart. There are some awesome blogs out there for mommas and soon to be mommas! Being pregnant is tough and takes a lot of getting used to. Just when you think you’ve got the hang of what not to eat and what exercises you can do, you’re in the hospital preparing to give birth. Then the craziness starts all over again and you have to adjust to a crying, hungry, and sleepy baby.

For A Little Bit Of Everything

Baby Chick is a great blog for learning about anything and everything from pregnancy to parenthood. This blog is great for learning about pregnancy, giving birth, being a mom, being a fit pregnant woman and being fit after giving birth. Lifestyle tab is for the decor, how to be a hostess for events, crafts, and traveling. The health tab has exercises for pregnancy, post-pregnancy, and beyond. Also it has some recipes! This blog even has a shop tab for some cute clothes! Believe us, this blog has everything!

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Positively Oakes blog is another blog that talks about everything related to being pregnant and a mommy. This site has blogs that will help you as a momma. Also some that will help you understand and keep up with your little one! Like Baby Chick, this blog also incorporates style and decor into the mix. Jess, the writer of the blogs, also has a “Favorite Shop Friday” section under the Shop tab for her favorite shops on anything from baby hair accessories to home decor. We have a feeling you’ll love Jess and the blog!

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Design Mom is a top blog for the newer generation of mommies. Gabrielle, a mom of six, covers a widespread area of parenting. This includes do it yourself (DIY) projects, parenting tips, and traveling. Traveling sections are becoming more popular. It gives other families hop that they will be able to travel with kids, even when that feels impossible! Gabrielle also reviews books so you know at least one opinion before you get it!

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Friendly Mom-To-Mom Help

Not Your Average Mom is a fantastic blog. Susie is a great writer who is open and honest about her life with seven (yes you read that right) kids. She talks about her life and traveling with 7 kids. The Best of NYAM tab is the top 18 blogs in the past 4 years. While her kids aren’t babies anymore, there are blogs for moms just looking for some friendly advice or even what to expect in the future. Some language may be inappropriate for kiddos who can read over your shoulder, but definitely a great blog to check out!

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Thrifty Nifty Mommy is a blog for thrifty and nifty moms, who would have thought! There are blogs with the attractive word “affordable” in it. That’s always a plus for baby and mommy blogs! She also has some recipes for mommas who are breastfeeding or mommas who just need something sweet. Then there are giveaways! Seriously, who doesn’t love giveaways?

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These are some of the top baby and mommy blogs out there. It’s nice to have a variety of blogs to follow for different problems, concerns, or questions you might find answers to. Our advice to you is follow as many baby and mommy blogs out there to help make your life a little less crazy and help you to figure out this whole new baby/new parent life you’re in! It’s not going to always be pretty, but it will always be worth it. Good luck!


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