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Best Sensory Accessories For Newborns

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Newborns crave sensory toys to learn more about what is going on in this new world they were born into. Parents want to have as many varieties of toys as possible to strengthen their sensory skills and we understand that! Getting the right sensory toys can have an impact on how your child learns. Sensory toys can come in all shapes and sizes as well as what senses they are targeting. Be aware of the different types of toys to ensure your little one is getting all of his senses worked! These are some of, what we think are, the best sensory toys for your anxious-to-learn little one!


The Manhattan Toy Company™ Sensory Developmental Toy Classic Baby Beads

This toy is fun, safe, and colorful! It is safe for your child to put in his mouth. This means you do not have to worry about watching your child like a hawk so he does not choke. It does not require a battery so that makes parents happy too! You can get your Baby Beads at Target for only $11.99!

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Infantino Go GaGa Textured Ball 10-Piece Set

The Textured Balls are perfectly sized to prevent a choking hazard and for little hands to grip! These are also brightly colored and easy to play with. All of them have different textures to maximize the sensory development. The Textured Balls are $14.99 at Target!

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Fisher-Price Rattle and Rock Maracas Musical Toy

These rattles are awesome! Not only do they rattle, but there are two handle options; one is the actual handle and the other is the soft bottom. The soft bottom is better for younger babies who might not be able to grip objects better. They also make a crinkling noise so that is an attention-getter! You can get the Maracas on Amazon for $6.97 and it’s Prime eligible!

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Infantino Sensory Press and Stay Sensory Blocks

Another great sensory accessory from Infantino. These blocks connect with the soft pegs on all six sides and are colorful to keep your little on entertained. These are better for babies 6 months and older because of the strength required to tear them apart. They aren’t hard to take apart, but usually by 6 months babies know how to grip objects better and harder. You can buy it on Amazon for $14.99!

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Fisher-Price Calming Vibrations Cuddle Soother

And Fisher Price is keeping up with the trends with this elephant soother. Not only does this play a lullaby, but it also vibrates! This helps calm down your baby after he gets upset. Don’t worry parents of little girls, it comes in pink as well! You can buy it on Amazon for $11.98!


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Earlyears Fill ‘N Fun Water Play Mat

Earlyears is a brand focused on the development of your child’s sensory, motor, cognitive and social skills. This toy in particular holds water and makes a squishy toy for your child. This is both fun and intriguing for your little one to play with. You can buy the Water Play Mat on Amazon for $12.95! If you want to learn more about Earlyears and more of their products, go here.


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These are a variety of the best sensory accessories for a newborn. They maximize sensory development by having multiple factors to them. For example, the Soother plays a lullaby and vibrates. This can have a positive effect on how fast and effective your baby learns new concepts. This is an important stage for your newborn, be sure you help them know as much as they possibly can about this crazy world they got thrown into!


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