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The Best Ways To Clean & Sterilize Baby Toys, Teething Rings And Pacifiers

It’s an inevitable that your baby is going to get their toys messy, and it’s almost a certainty that they’re going to put them in their mouth. If left unclean they can pose a serious health risk to your little one as germs like to linger around.

It is important to regularly clean your little one’s toys but how you do this will differ according to the type of toy.

This article will look at the best methods of cleaning wood, plastic, electronic and metal toys as well as plush toys.

Sterilizing Plastic Toys & Teething Rings

For smaller, plastic toys often the easiest way of cleaning them is to simply pop them in the dishwasher, especially if the toy doesn’t have batteries or other electrical components. Always check the instructions and labels on the toys to ensure that the toys and teething rings are dishwasher safe.

Once they have been put in the dishwasher always allow them to air dry on a dish rack to ensure that all disinfectant/remaining water can drain away. You should wait approximately 24 hours, or until all visible moisture has disappeared, before giving the toy/teething ring back to your little one.

If they are not dishwasher friendly, then you should wash the toys by hand. Using warm, soapy water rub the toys down with a sponge to remove all visible dirt and stains. Make sure you rinse them and allow them to air dry before giving them back to your little one.

Dealing With Stubborn Stains

For those toys with stubborn stains; mix 2/3 cup of baking soda, ½ cup of liquid soap with ½ cup of water and 2 tablespoons of white vinegar.

Apply this mixture to stubborn stains with a sponge then make sure you rinse it thoroughly with hot water before allowing them to air dry on a clean rack.

For baby toys, you need to ensure that these are completely disinfected before baby uses them. It is often best to mix a tablespoon of bleach with a quart of water to remove all dirt from the toys before they are sanitized.

It is very very important to remember to dilute the bleach before cleaning the toys as it can be toxic for children unless properly diluted.

Cleaning Plush Toys & Stuffed Animals

The majority of plush toys can be cleaned by popping them in the washing machine on a gentle cycle. Always check the label for any specific washing instructions, if there isn’t a label, try searching on google to find out this information.

If the toy is heavily soiled, then try sprinkling some baking soda over the stain before putting it into the washing machine. Once washed, most plush toys can be dried in the dryer. Simply pop the toy into a pillowcase, for protection, and put it on a high heat for 15 minutes. If it is still damp after removing it from the dryer, allow it to air dry.

Woollen Toys

For woollen toys, it is advised that these do not go into the washing machine. The best method for cleaning woollen toys is to hand wash them or simply dab the stains with mild soap and warm water. Allow woollen toys to air dry on a sunny windowsill or a dish rack, rather than putting them in the dryer to avoid them shrinking.

It is important to maintain the cleanliness of your baby’s toys, especially if your baby gets ill or if they get dirty or grimy quickly. It may even be worth making sure that you clean your little one’s toys once a month.

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