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How To Choose Your Doctor or Midwife

There are benefits to choosing either a doctor or a midwife, but which one works best for you? Snuggin has a list of factors that are helpful to consider when choosing a doctor or midwife!

High Risk Mothers

If you are a high risk mother it is ideal for you to see a doctor because they are better equipped to handle those issues such as; high blood pressure, heart disease, or diabetes. If you start out with a midwife and develop these problems, you will be transferred to a doctor. You will also be transferred if you find out you are having twins since that is also considered to be high risk.


More Routine or Less Routine?

Mothers who wish to have a more routine approach to the birthing process should look into doctors. This means they will use fetal monitors and most women with doctors prefer to have an epidural. Doctors will intervene in your birthing process more than midwives.

On the other hand, mothers who wish to have a less routine approach will want to choose a midwife. These are usually natural births where the midwife only intervenes when absolutely necessary. Throughout pregnancy, midwives help you adjust and learn more about your physical and emotional changes where doctors may not.

There are doctors who practice like midwives and vice versa so you’ll need to make sure you know exactly what you’re getting when choosing a doctor or midwife. On some OB/GYN websites there will be a list of doctors and midwives as well as some of their beliefs and how they handle certain scenarios. These are not on all websites so it might be best for you to go in and have a consultation.

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Setting of Giving Birth

What setting do you imagine yourself in while giving birth? Do you want it to be at home or in a birthing center? Are you anxious about something going wrong and needing something to relax you? Do you want an epidural? All of these are questions you need to ask yourself when choosing a doctor or midwife.

If you want to be at home, you’re best bet is a midwife. However, if you would like to be in a birthing center you have the option of midwife or doctor. If you’re anxious about something going wrong and need an epidural, you will need a doctor. However, if you are anxious about something going wrong and still don’t want an epidural, you can choose either.


What Do Most Women Choose?

Most women is the United States choose a doctor. Midwives are only present for around 10% of deliveries per year. This number is low because most women prefer to have a doctor there in case something goes wrong or wanting an epidural!

Just because most women choose to have a doctor does not mean that having a midwife is bad. There are perks to having a midwife like we have mentioned above. However, you’ll want to make your selection early on so you have as many appointments with the doctor or midwife you feel most comfortable with as much as possible!


The choice is fully up to you and depends on what you picture your birth setting to be. Some practices have both doctors and midwives. The most important factor that we can give you to consider is whether you’re comfortable or not! If you do not feel comfortable with your doctor or midwife from either the first or second visit, it might be best to change. The last thing you need to worry about when you’re giving birth is feeling uncomfortable with your doctor or midwife. You’ll have enough to think about without worry about that! Happy choosing!


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