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Considerations When Choosing Your Baby’s Name

It can be quite overwhelming when it comes to picking out the name for your little one. Especially as it is guaranteed that friends and relatives will try and have some input in picking a name, whether you may want them to or not!

Picking out a name is a highly personal choice, and it goes without saying that the most important thing to have in mind when choosing the name, is that there is no right or wrong method of choosing a name. Here are our top tips to keep in mind when you are thinking of baby names.


It can be tempting to give your little one a truly unique name. However, when considering unique names, think about how it could possible be mispronounced, as there is nothing worse than having to teach people how to say your name properly!


It is important to think about what your baby’s initials would be. Try and avoid giving your little one a first and middle name that could lead to an unfortunate nickname at school due to their initials.


Do your research, have a look online or in baby name books to see the meanings behind your favorite baby names. Knowing the significance of your little one’s name can make all the difference when picking the perfect baby name.


Think about how your little one’s name will sound, especially next to your last name. Does it sound nice or harsh? Some people think that shorter names work with longer surnames and vice versa. Think carefully about how the names sound and try to avoid giving your child names that are puns, think “Holly Wood”.

Names that last the test of time

Whilst it can be tempting to give your baby names that suit a little baby, such as Binky or Bunny, but be mindful that they will not stay that way for long. Make sure that the name you pick will suit your baby once they are adults with jobs of their own.

Compromise is key!

It is guaranteed that family and friends will want to have some input into what you call your little one, especially if it has a special meaning in the family. If this doesn’t feature on your top ten list, perhaps try compromising by using it as a middle name. Or, if they are particularly insistent, consider giving your little one that name but use a nickname.

It can be quite overwhelming thinking of a name, but just take a breath and remember there is no wrong name, just go for the one you love the most!

Top 25 Baby Names of 2016

Still stuck for ideas? Below are the top 25 baby names in the US chosen in 2016!

Rank Girls Boys
1 Sophia Jackson
2 Emma Aiden
3 Olivia Lucas
4 Ava Liam
5 Mia Noah
6 Isabella Ethan
7 Riley Mason
8 Aria Caden
9 Zoe Oliver
10 Charlotte Elijah
11 Lily Grayson
12 Layla Jacob
13 Amelia Michael
14 Emily Benjamin
15 Madelyn Carter
16 Aubrey James
17 Adalyn Jayden
18 Madison Logan
19 Chloe Alexander
20 Harper Caleb
21 Abigail Ryan
22 Aaliyah Luke
23 Avery Daniel
24 Evelyn Jack
25 Kaylee William



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