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The 5 Best Foods for Inducing Labor

When you’re so close you can hardly take it anymore, you’ll put your body in whatever position or eat whatever it takes to get that baby out of you. We totally get it. In fact, this is a timely post as Snuggin co-founder, MacKenzie, is in the final weeks of pregnancy and due May 28th!

You have waited ten, yes ten, months for this! According to science, there aren’t any foods that will magically work as a home remedy for inducing labor. However, we’ve put together a list of food that may or may not help but shouldn’t hurt as long as you enjoy them in moderation!

Eggplant Parm

Eggplant parmesan is claimed to induce labor but there is just isn’t science to support it. Others say it’s the spices that induce labor but as far as we can tell this is just an old wives’ tale. When you’re at your due date you’ll do just about anything though it doesn’t hurt to give it a try!


Image Source and Recipe


Chinese Food

Another popular myth is that Chinese food will kickstart labor – we’ve even seen some Chinese restaurants with spicy dishes on the menu that the restaurants claim to help induce labor. We believe this to be anecdotal but try for yourself and let us know. Either way you’ll be in for a tasty meal!


Image Source and Recipe



While Pineapple isn’t known to send you into labor, it has a reputation as a cervical ripening agent because it contains an enzyme called “bromelain” which softens the cervix which can ultimately end up leading to labor. Additionally, pineapples contain proteolyctic enzymes which help breakdown protein alongside other medical benefits.

Only fresh pineapples contain all of the nutrients needed so none of the canned stuff! Be careful not to each too much though as pineapple is known to cause heartburn. If you do happen enjoy a bit too much be sure to read our post all about how to treat heartburn while pregnant.


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Black licorice can help stimulate the production of prostaglandins due it containing an ingredient called “glycyrrhizin”. Eating a lot of it can also give you diarrhea so like everything – consumption should be in moderation. That would be less than pleasant, especially at 39 weeks pregnant or more!

If you do decide to try black licorice be sure to check the ingredients first. If you see “anise” in the list of ingredients vs. licorice extract as many candies are then you’ll be missing out on the nutrients needed to try and induce labor.


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Not just any salad but a special “maternity salad” from a pizza joint in California claims to be able to induce labor. After Carson Daly’s girlfriend went into labor after eating this maternity salad it made rounds across the internet.

Caioti, the restaurant with the magical salad though, claims it was not the watercress or Gorganzola cheese that did the trick though – they claim it was their Balsamic Basil Vinaigrette house dressing.

Magical Labor Inducing Salad Dressing


Wrapping Up

If you see other foods that might be helpful to start labor, make sure they are something you would normally choose to eat. If it is not something you would normally eat, there is a chance it could cause more harm than good.

Let us know in the comments below if you have any foods that did the trick for you or any special dishes you’re planning to eat when it comes time to bring your little, love into the world.

From everybody as Snuggin – we wish you nothing but the best with your delivery!


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