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Healthy Snacks For Busy Moms On The Go!

Being a busy mom sometimes means that you have to snack on the go, which also means that sometimes a healthy snack isn’t always accessible, no matter how hard we try to eat healthy.

Adults and children have different dietary requirements, and these change with age so it’s not always easy to accommodate for everyone’s specific nutritional needs (and preferences). Generally speaking, recommendations for how to eat healthy hold true for all members of the family and well balanced meals should be consistent.

That being said, there are certain foods that suit some better than others, and there are some that can really provide benefits to busy moms.

Snacks For Busy Moms

Being a busy on the go often means no time to stop for snacks, and busy moms shouldn’t need to worry about handling cravings and sudden food urges.

Here are some of our favorite must have healthy snacks that help keep the cravings at bay and keep busy moms on the go!


Nuts are great snacks and are readily available for moms on the go. Store them in separate bags and grab them as you run out the door.

Greek Yogurt

Those Greek yogurts are perfect fillers during that morning energy let-down. Thrown in some chunks of fruit or berries and you’ve got a delicious nutritional snack.

Veggie Sticks

Carrot and cucumber sticks packaged separately in the fridge and ready to go make a terrific nosh. Add some sort of dip – like tzatziki or ever peanut butter-and plain old vegetables become an exciting mid-afternoon fill in.


Apples and bananas are loaded with fiber which is needed by women (and men and children as well) to balance out their digestive system. Combine fruits and berries with juice and tofu slices to make a healthy smoothie, a great breakfast for those on the run.

Dark Chocolate

There’s nothing like a few pieces of 70% and higher dark chocolate to boost a woman’s energy and mood. Dark chocolate is made from the seed of the cocoa tree and is now touted as a great source of antioxidants.

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