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6 Things New Moms Wish You Knew Before Visiting At The Hospital

Wanting to visit someone in the hospital to welcome their new baby? READ THIS FIRST! It’s always nice to have visitors, but here are some things you might not think about before wanting to hold that sweet newborn!

  • Momma and her baby are EXHAUSTED. The two of them just went through child birth, they have a right to be tired! Breastfeeding moms are recommended to feed their baby every two hours to make sure baby latches on correctly and gets enough to eat! While that’s great, it takes a toll on mommy. She is more than likely in at least a little bit of pain, so being tired on top of that doesn’t make things easier.


  • Short and to the Point: Everyone wants to cuddle with newborn babies, but overstaying your welcome makes it tough on Momma to get proper rest. When the little one is sleeping, Momma wants to sleep too!


  • She’s Probably Trying to Breastfeed: Breastfeeding Momma’s know the struggle. As we said before, Momma’s are recommended to breastfeed every two hours. Trying to come at a convenient time where she isn’t trying to breastfeed is next to impossible. You don’t have to avoid the hospital, but just be mindful of that when visiting!


  • Help At Home!: While at the hospital, the family has everything they need around them with the doctors and nurses. However, when they head home, all the help doesn’t come with them. They will need visitors while at home more than at the hospital. Hint: it helps if you bring food, too!


  • Clean Hands: Every parent wants you to be extra cautious when handling their new prized possession. Take initiative and wash your hands before you hold the baby so the parents don’t have to remind you or cringe while they watch you and say nothing.


  • Flowers Are Not The Best Gift: Flowers are great, but not practical for the hospital. They can be overwhelming with their scent, and then you have to take them home. Not to mention everything else you have to take home. Having flowers are great, but they aren’t practical to have at the hospital. Take them over with you when you visit at the house!


These are a few things to keep in mind while trying to visit at the hospital! We aren’t telling you not to visit, just be mindful of what the new parents and baby are going through!



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