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Mommy How-to: Playing With Your Infant

Yes, it’s true, you CAN play with your newborn! Playing with your newborn can be intimidating with a soft head, little motor skills, and floppy legs. However, we have 5 ways to play with your baby!

  • Exercise Ball Tummy Time: Carefully supporting your baby on his stomach and gently rolling back and forth is an alternative to tummy time!


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  • Flying Baby: Putting your baby on his stomach on your legs is another alternative to tummy time! Just a heads up, don’t do this after eating (you or your baby)!

flying baby

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  • Squats: Doing squats with your baby is a great way to get your exercise! The up and down motion is also really fun for your baby!


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  • Superman: Tummy Time is great, especially when it’s done in the air!


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  • Leg Bicycles: Doing leg bicycles with your baby will increase motor skills! (It also helps with relieving baby constipation!)


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Playing with your infant can be fun and beneficial for you as well! Doing the alternatives to tummy time will give your baby variety and fun while developing motor skills!


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