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How to Perform A Baby Massage

Performing baby massages can be tricky and awkward if you don’t know exactly what you are doing. When massaging a baby, start with a small towel and vegetable based oil. Make sure not to do this before or after a meal. Especially after, you might end up seeing it again!


Setting Up

Lay your baby down on her back on the towel. Pour the vegetable based oil in a small bowl and put it off far enough so it doesn’t get bumped, but close enough to reach. It might be wise to keep your baby in a diaper or keep a towel over him so you don’t get an unexpected yellow bath!



The legs are a good starting point because they are not as sensitive as some other parts of the body. With some oil on your hands begin the massage. Starting from the thigh, gently pull down as if you’re “milking” her leg. Repeat on the other leg.


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Gently rotate the left foot in both directions, gently. Stroke the top of your baby’s foot from the ankle to the toes. Repeat on right foot. Using your thumb, trace circles over the bottom of your baby’s feet. Lastly, gently pull the toes with your thumb and forefinger until your finger slips off. Do this for all ten toes.

feet feet1

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Repeat the milking motion you did for the legs from the armpit all the way to the hand. Be gentle because his bones are still molding! Repeat with other arm.



Once you get to the hand, take it and rotate it gently in both directions. Repeat for the other hand.  Then draw circles on the palms of both hands like you did with the bottom of the feet. Then for the fingers you will be doing the same massage as the toes. Gently pull up on the fingers until your fingers slip off of hers. Do this for all ten fingers.



Your baby’s chest may be hard to do depending on how active your child is. First, place your hands on your baby’s chest as shown below. Then gently make an outward circle massaging the chest. Repeat several times.



This is why you don’t do it after eating! Place your hand flat across your baby’s tummy and gently slide your hand down to the thighs. Do this multiple times, switching hands each time.


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Roll your baby onto his stomach. Now place your fingertips on one side of his spine. Trace tiny circles onto his back.


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Massaging your baby should feel good for him, if there seems to be any discomfort, stop that massage, and try again. If the discomfort continues, stop the massage completely. As with everything else, consult your doctor before you start any massages.

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