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How To Plan The Perfect Baby Shower

You want to have the best baby shower for your little one coming into the world, we understand! This is the time to welcome your little one with love from friends, family, and others who you’re not sure who they are or how they got invited. The key to a perfect baby shower is time and planning!


Two Months or More Before

  • Decide the Date: Ideally the baby shower should be 2-3 months before your due date. This is early enough that you can get all of your gifts set up and ready to go for your baby, but not too early where you have the nursery set up for more than half of your pregnancy!


  • Make a Budget: A budget is extremely important. New babies are exciting and it is easy to go overboard. Creating a budget will help you to get only necessary things. However, it’s not awful to have an “extras” category for splurging a little!


  • Decide on Venue: You want to have a place that you can hold all of your guests, have room for games and food. Most are held at homes, but if you plan on having a decent number of people a pavilion may work better.


  • Guest List: Inviting people can get messy. If you want a small baby shower, family and close friends are the best. However, for larger baby showers you could invite all your family (yes, I mean all), close friends, and friends. You’ll know the difference!


  • Invitations: Getting invitations made or making your own needs to be done early. Be sure to include the date, baby’s name (if you’re telling people), address, time, RSVP contact and date, and where you are registered at. When doing the invitations, it’s convenient to get thank you cards done at the same time. You can always personalize them later.


  • Registry Cards: These are free at most places and they can be slipped in with your invitations. These are great for your guests because they can hand the card to an employee and they will print out their registry for you in the store!


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  • Theme: Your theme is usually, but not limited to, the theme of the nursery. Your theme does not have to be based on a “thing” (example: Winnie The Pooh), it can be based on a set of colors.


One Month Before

  • Final Guest List: Get the final guest list so you can account for food, gifts, games, etc. This will also help predict where the venue should be!


  • Buy Decorations: When you find the venue, figure out how you could decorate it, then buy them! Just stay true to your budget!

Three Weeks Before

  • Game Supplies: Get game supplies, but don’t include too many games, they can get overwhelming.


Two Weeks Before

  • Confirm Venue: Sometimes venues double-book on accident in a miscommunications.


  • Your outfit: If you plan on buying a special outfit for your baby shower, buy it now! Buying it earlier could result in it not fitting because your little one is growing!

One Week Before

  • Order Cake/Dessert: Order the cake and make sure it’s perfect! There are some cute ideas here!

neutral baby cake

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  • Assign Gift Tracker: Assign a person to keep track of what gifts you receive and from whom. This will help you later writing all the thank you notes!


Day Of

  • Pick up Cake: Pick up the cake and keep it in the refrigerator until the party starts to keep it fresh.


  • Get to Venue Early: Get to the venue early for setting up and decorating!


  • ENJOY!: Have a great time and enjoy loving on your little one!


This is a timeline of how to get your perfect baby shower! If you want a printable version, click here. Good luck and congratulations!



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