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Safety Tips For Mobile Infants

Congratulations! Your loved one can crawl and/or walk all on their own! Just a few months ago, you might not have seen this day coming so quickly, now you’re frantically thinking about what safety precautions to put up. Don’t worry, Snuggin is here to help!

Around the House

  • Baby Gates – Gates are a fantastic way to keep your infant out of a room or prevent them from going up or down stairs. Sometimes it can seem like they are adult-proof too!
  • Safety Plugs/Outlet Covers – Safety plugs for electrical outlets are a necessity. Children love to put whatever they can find in outlets. Those also seem extremely difficult to remove for adults; here is an example of a newer design that makes it easier to get them off!
  • Cords – Keeping cords unplugged and out of reach prevents your toddler from pulling down hair dryers, straighteners, or anything else that has a cord dangling off the counter.


Changing Table

  • Safety Strap – Using the safety strap connected to the changing pad will prevent your child from rolling off the changing table while you are reaching for a wipe or throwing out a dirty diaper.
  • Toiletries – Keeping toiletries out of your little adventurous child’s reach will prevent them dropping it on themselves. It also could prevent you from cleaning up a baby powder mess after they drop it!



  • Drawstrings – As cute as drawstrings are, they can get pulled out too far and your loved one could trip after stepping on it. This is more geared toward walking babies, but for crawlers, they can pull them out by crawling on them. That’s no fun for you to try and maneuver back through the clothes!


Whether it’s around the house, on the changing table, or on clothing, keeping the little ones safe is so important. Snuggin is here to outline some of the top safety tips! Good luck keeping up with your mobile child!



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