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Signs and Symptoms of Pregnancy

There are many signs of being pregnant, but every woman is different in how her body will react when the little one comes along!

First of all, you can get a pregnancy test. Those are fairly accurate after your first missed period. However, those can still be negative when you are pregnant. The best way to find out is going to get blood taken at your doctor’s office. But wait! We have some signs your body may be giving you!


  • Psychologically
    • Fatigue: This is the most common since your body is preparing to carry a child for ten months! 
    • Food Cravings
    • Mood Swings: Mood swings can happen at any time, but the hormonal imbalance of being pregnant makes them evident at first!
    • Vivid Dreams


  • Intestinal:
    • Heartburn: This can happen in the beginning, but also throughout the whole pregnancy, especially if your little one has hair!
    • Constipation


  • Head
    • Headache: For these, only use Tylenol, other medications can harm your baby if you are pregnant!
    • Dizziness: Both of these happen around the time morning sickness makes it’s presence into your pregnancy life! (How nice of it)


  • Muscles
    • Back pain: This happens (usually) later on as you begin to show. Your body has to get used to a different equilibrium and your back pays the price!


  • Breasts
    • Strange Sensation in nipples
    • Visible Veins Over Chest and/or Stretch Marks: Your breasts are preparing for milk early! They will get bigger whether you want them to or not!
    • Swollen Breasts: This seems to be a big sign for most women, their breasts get swollen then get sore.
    • Darkened Areolas
    • Sore Nipples


  • Female Anatomy
    • Missed Period: This is the first noticeable sign for most women, but some feel fatigue before.
    • Spotting (Implantation): Be aware that spotting while not implanting is not notmal for pregnancy. 
    • Cramping: This will happen a lot in the beginning and then continue throughout your pregnancy.
    • Frequent Urinating: So will this!


If you have these symptoms, it’s best to go to your doctor’s office and get a blood test to be sure! These vary with everyone so not all of these may apply to you!



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