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Signs that your baby has separation anxiety

Is your baby fussing for no apparent reason and doesn’t like to be left alone? It can be quite confusing, especially if it seems that baby has been settling down quite well. It is likely that your little one is suffering from separation anxiety. This can sound quite scary but in fact, it is completely normal, development milestone for your baby. Here are the key signs to watch out for if you are worried about separation anxiety.

Interrupted sleeping patterns

One of the biggest signs indicating that your baby might have separation anxiety is an interrupted sleep pattern. It is common amongst babies with separation anxiety to wake in the night more frequently. Not only this, they often wake earlier than usual and find it harder to go back to sleep, unless you are with them. From nine months of age, your baby goes through a developmental change which means that they seek reassurance more than usual. This is completely normal and will pass at roughly eighteen months of age.

Does your baby get upset when alone?

Another sign indicating that your baby has separation anxiety is if they scream and cry when left alone, even if you’ve just popped into the other room for something. It is common for babies with separation anxiety to be unhappy at being left alone for any period of time, during the day or not. It is also important to look out for signs that baby is becoming too clingy and wants to be held a lot more.

Your baby doesn’t like being left with someone else

Another indication that your baby may suffer from separation anxiety is if they kick up a fuss when dropping your little one off at your childminders or nursery. It is not uncommon for babies to get upset when being left in the care of other people, even if it is their dad. A way of combating this is to use essential oils as perfume. Encourage other people in the family to wear the oils so that baby can associate the smell with you and feel comforted, even if you are not there.

Has your little one lost interest in their favorite toys?

It is common for babies suffering from separation anxiety to lose interest in playing on their own, even if its with their favorite toy! This is common, it just means that baby wants you to play with them and provide reassurance that you are not going anywhere.

So, whilst it is concerning and distressing to see your little one getting upset more easily, having an interrupted sleep and generally being unlike their usual self, it is completely normal and will pass with time. Don’t worry, it is just a phase and things will improve, usually without having to do anything special or different.

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