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8 Snuggin Top Tips For Staying Cool This Summer

Being pregnant during the summer months can be a nightmare, especially if you are stuck in stuffy offices or on packed public transport. Here are our top tips for keeping cool this summer whilst pregnant.

Tip 1

One of the best ways of keeping cool in the office is to use one of those usb-powered desk fans. These can be a literal god-send, when the temperatures soar and you are stuck inside all day.

Tip 2

Commuting to work can be a nightmare, especially if you use public transport at rush hour. The night before, pop a water bottle and a wet flannel into a bag and stick it in the freezer over night. This will be a great way to cool down on your commute the next morning.

Tip 3

It is also important to make sure that you stay adequately hydrated, especially on your travels. Avoid fizzy drinks as rather than quenching your thirst, they can make you even more dehydrated. Stick to plain cold water, if you are feeling a bit adventurous try cucumber or lemon water. This will be nice and refreshing and just what the doctor ordered on a particularly hot day!

Tip 4

When you’re feeling hot, it can be so tempting to reach straight for the ice cream, but instead try grabbing a refreshing popsicle. Not only do they have less fat and sugar than an ice cream, they are basically ice, so is bound to cool you down quickly.

Tip 5

If you find that you get too warm at night, then it may be worth spraying your sheets with water and then putting them in the freezer. This will guarantee that your sheets will feel much cooler for longer, without having to resort to damp covers or wet socks.

Tip 6

If you have trouble regulating the temperature in your home, try closing the curtains or blinds during the day, especially between 12 and 2. This will help keep out the sun light out and keep your house cooler for longer! If this isn’t feasible, stock up on fans and try putting a wet towel over the grill to circulate cool air with moisture (which reduces dehydration).

Tip 7

Another way of keeping cool is to try and lower your body temperature. One way of doing this is by drinking plenty of warm or hot drinks. It may seem counter-productive, but this will raise your internal body temperature to that of the outside temperature making you feel much less hot! If you don’t fancy the sound of this, then try cold showers and let the water evaporate off you.

Tip 8

Lastly, and most importantly, make sure that you don’t overwork yourself. Where possible, have a lie down, make sure you walk at a slower pace and if you don’t need to do anything, don’t! Just make sure that you look after yourself and avoid overexerting yourself.

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