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How to Stay Organized when the Toy Box Seems to Shrink!

Do you ever feel like your toy box is shrinking? Or maybe the baby toys are controlling your house? Some may say cleaning your house while your kids are still growing is like shoveling the drive before it has stopped snowing but we have good news – Snuggin is here to help you take back your home!

Below we’ve shared some of our favorite ideas for keeping your child’s toys from spreading around the house, but we’d love to hear yours in the comments below!


  1. Turn an old bucket or basket into an extra toy bin! Keep one in your office, in the living room, or anywhere else that is not the playroom. Not only will it help you stay organized but it will help keep your little loved ones occupied across your home!
Basket Full of Toys for Storage
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  1. Under bed storage is a great way to reclaim some otherwise unused space! There are all sorts of easy ways to put this space to good use whether it be an old drawer or some 2×4’s and plywood. Organization is key so be sure your kids don’t turn their under bed storage into a throw it and run free-for-all!
Under Bed Toy Box for Kids
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  1. Make use of your wall space with shelving! Shelves are great for putting stuffed animals or toys that don’t get played with a lot. Children seem to get attached to certain toys they like as more of a decoration rather than a play toy. Be sure the shelves are high enough up so your child needs your help to get it down.
Stylish Hanging Triangle Shelves for Baby Toys
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  1. Crates are a great way to store larger toys! There are so many ways to use crates, but one that is easy and effective is creating an ottoman. That way it is not only a storage crate, but also a seat!
Easy DIY Toy Box Crate
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  1. Donate unused toys to charity! When your little loved ones have outgrown their toys donate them to charity so other children can enjoy them. Not only will your house be less cluttered, some other child and parent will be greatly appreciative as well!
Donate your Unused Toys to Charity
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As your child grows their favorite toy may change but they’re always going to have something to play with so spending some time to figure out creative ways to store them will keep them happy and your house clean!



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