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Storing Homemade Baby Food and Keeping it Fresh

There is nothing wrong with going to the store and buying baby food. However, some parents like to know what exactly goes into their child’s food. Now once you make it, where do you put it?

Snuggin’s list of 5 different storage containers to keep your homemade baby food fresh!

  • Oxo Tot Baby BlocksWith the baby block’s airtight, leakproof, and watertight seal, your baby food is sure to stay fresh! They come in sets of four and eight 4 oz containers and sets of six and twelve 2 oz containers!

Oxo Baby Blocks

  • Kiddo Feedo Baby Food Freezer Trays: These trays are BPA, Phthalate, and toxin free. And they don’t stain or stink! The silicone lid makes it easy to write on dates of the food and it washes off when done. These also come in a variety of colors including; purple, yellow, blue, grey, pink, and orange!

silicone tray

  • Fresh Baby So Easy Food and Breast Milk Trays: These trays are perfect for storing breast milk in the beginning stages of your newborn’s life and can be converted into baby food storage. Each tray is 1 Tablespoon to make measuring easy!

baby food tray

  • Littleware Baby Food StorageThese U.S.A made 5 oz containers hold 1-4 oz of pureed fruits or veggies. They are BPA and BPS free. They are also freezer, dishwasher, and microwave safe, can’t beat that!

Little ware baby food storage


  • Mumi&Bubi Freezer Storage TraysThese two trays come with forty-two 1 oz slots. It’s easy to mix and match with forty-two ounces to work with! It’s BPA and PVC free and dishwasher safe!

freezer trays

You’ve got the storage situation down, now you can go to Buzzfeed for great homemade baby food recipes!



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