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INFOGRAPHIC: Kickstarting your Baby’s Development through Sign Language

Communicating with your Infant through Sign Language

Ever had your baby point, scream, and cry for something and you just can’t figure out what they want? Oh yeah, all the time, right? Well, Snuggin is here to help you out!

Baby sign language is becoming more and more popular nowadays. Not only is it great for parents, it also helps your child communicate their wants and needs to you before they’re able to express complete thoughts with their speech. It’s a win for baby and a win for parents…who doesn’t want that?

We found an amazing infographic Two Little Hands Productions that was too great not to share (if you like it, go show them some love by checking out the linked page!). The infographic does an excellent job of breaking down all of the many benefits that come with teaching your infant sign language, including:

  • Intellectual Development – the first section explains why the benefits of teaching your infants sign language reach further than their ability to communicate with you, it also helps them develop critical areas of their brain
  • Social-Emotional Development – by enabling your baby to communicate with you from a younger age you’re strengthening the bond between the two of you as well as reducing the stress and frustration offered on both sides!
  • Language & Literary Development – studies have shown that infants who are taught sign language learn to use longer sentences and a larger vocabulary by the age of two as well as improving their spelling and reading skills
  • Cognitive Development –  perhaps best of all, babies who are taught sign language show an increased IQ, better ability to maintain focus, and retain more information
  • Getting Started – finally, the infographic provides some practical advice for how to get started teaching your little loved one sign language!
  • And Finally…be patient! It may take upwards of two months before your baby starts signing but just as they understand what you’re saying long before they are able to speak, they understand what you’re signing before they start signing to communicate with you!


Teaching your Infant Sign Language


Who’s Helping Who?

Teaching our own child sign language has made a huge improvement in our relationship and we can’t put into words how rewarding it is when they first start communicating with you…it has been one of our proudest moments in our still early journey into parenthood! Raising a child is a lot of work but moments like this are a very bigger reminder that it really is all worth it.

So what are you waiting for? Give your child their voice! Even if they can’t talk yet.


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