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How To Toddler Proof Your House

toddler proofing house

There are plenty of ways to baby proof your house, but what about toddler proofing? They get around much easier and can grab onto those things you thought were high enough up.


  • Plugs: Outlet plugs are the most common and possibly the cheapest for the amount of plugs they cover.


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  • Retractable Outlets: These are a little more high-tech, but are perfect for toddler proofing. These outlets retract when you are not using them and pop out when you need them. If you have something you keep plugged in, you might want to get some of the outlet plugs for the extra outlets!


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  • Tape: You’re out on vacation and don’t have any outlet plugs with you, what do you do? Tape works great for covering outlets because toddlers are not able to rip the tape off just yet.



  • Slamming Doors: Toddlers love to slam doors. And I mean LOVE. So how do you prevent them from making loud noises? Well, pool noodles work great! Just cut a slit into one half of the noodle and wrap it around the door.


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  • Keeping Doors Closed: Toddlers also like to explore so keeping doors closed is probably a good idea, especially if the door has stairs behind it! There are a few ways to keep them closed depending on the style of doors:
    • Double Doors: You can use a hanger or heave duty rubber band to keep these closed.    hanger                              rubber bandImage Source                                                                           Image Source
    • Regular Doors: Regular doors have a few different handles with different factors to keep them closed. For the round handles you can use the Safety First Childproofing Safety Kit (Below on the Left). That also includes some of the outlet plugs and wide grip latches for cabinet doors! Then for the lever handles, you can use the Safety 1st Lever Handle Lock (Below on the Right)                       latch lock



Cords can be a problem for toddlers. Not only with unplugging things, but also sticking them in their mouth. one way to help prevent this is to use a container, cut holes in the side, and put the lid on. Simple fix that does not break the bank!


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Toilet seats are, for whatever reason, fun to pull up and slam down. Not only is that gross, it is also dangerous for pinching fingers. This contraption will help keep them closed. Just make sure you know how to use it before you have to go!


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Stairs are seemingly the most troublesome with toddlers. It’s so exciting for them to go up (or down) the stairs all by themselves. This is why they need to be guarded the most.

Stair gates are the most common, but not always the best looking. There are many different varieties of these and frankly, they aren’t all easy to figure out. Make sure you understand how to use it, but also that it is manageable with one hand. You might not think about it in the store with your toddler in the stroller or at the babysitter’s, but you more than likely will only have one hand to get the gate open with.


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Stair doors are the new and upcoming thing. These are the “cuter” way to make the stairs off limits. These tend to be more heavy duty than some of the baby gates, but are also more expensive. These can also be painted to match your room color! You can visit here for 10 DIY baby gate ideas!


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Either way, block off those stairs!


These are just some of the basics to toddler proof your house. There are other factors, such as; bolting down furniture, pitting things even higher up, keeping the floors clean, and so much more. Your toddler will get into some things, it’s bound to happen, just make sure it’s not too often! Good Luck!




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