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Top 10 Knitting Patterns For Baby Blankets

We’ve all seen the adorable photos of babies snuggled up with their blankets sleeping with not a worry in the world. Baby blankets serve as a baby’s comfort in this big world. If your baby is going to be holding onto this blanket for a while, you might as well find a pattern you like!


Heart Cable Pattern

This pattern in particular has the theme of three. This is for, but not limited to, the first child for the Father, Mother, and newborn baby. The pattern for this blanket can be found here.


heart cable pattern


Honeycomb Stroller Blanket

The honeycomb pattern may seem difficult, but it is rather simple. This blanket is not very big so is is perfect for the carseat, stroller, or a blankie for your little one to sleep with even in the toddler years. The honeycomb stroller blanket can be found here.




Bubble Baby Blanket

The bubble baby blanket is a fun and simple blanket. The design is popular for baby blankets because of the soft, touchable texture. Also, people seem to think the bubble stitch is fun to knit, so give it a try! The bubble baby blanket pattern can be found here.




Project Linus Security Blanket

This blanket is most known for keeping babies feeling comforted. The security blanket is used for when a baby is going through separation anxiety, sick, or just in need of any kind. It’s soft, warm, and cozy, just what your little one needs! The pattern for the project linus security blanket can be found here.




Heirloom Bunny Blanket

This baby blanket is great if you are looking for something different. This blanket is oversized and can be more of a grow-with-me blanket. This also works well as a night time baby blanket since it is larger. The heirloom bunny blanket pattern is here.



Cross Baby Blanket

This cross baby blanket is great for a baby’s Christening gift. This blanket is beautiful and seemingly complex.  It is a decent size, so probably not the best for a car seat or stroller, but definitely great for snuggling up on a rainy day! The pattern for the Cross Baby Blanket can be found here.




Dean’s Blanket

The Dean’s blanket can be modified in different ways. You can make the blanket shorter or longer. You would also be able to change the border if you would like. The Dean’s pattern is available here.




Striped Baby Blanket

This striped blanket is perfect for a crib so snuggling up with when your baby is sleepy or sick. The tension is not critical in this blanket and depending on how much tension you feel is necessary, the more or less yarn you will need. This blanket is also easier to make bigger. You can find the pattern to the Striped Baby Blanket here.

striped blanket


Sweet Heart Baby Blanket

This is the baby blanket that will always tell your baby you love her. This will surround your baby in love, literally! The heart baby blanket is usable and adorable! You can’t beat that! You can find the pattern to the Sweet Heart Baby Blanket here.



Moon and Stars Baby Blanket

This blanket is dreamy and perfect for sleeping. The moon and stars would make a good conversation starter for a bedtime story! You can find the pattern for the Moon and Stars Blanket here.



These blankets are all adorable, but they can be frustrating to make. Every time you have to undo a stitch, just think about how much the precious little baby receiving this blanket is going to cherish it. That should help a little and make the troubles worthwhile. Good luck!



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