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Top 5 natural remedies to help your little one sleep

If you have tried all the traditional methods of getting your baby off to sleep – nursing, swaddling, rocking – and have had no success, it might be worth trying these natural remedies which can help to get your little one off to the land of nod!


We all know that lavender has a very soothing quality, so why not try putting some lavender essential oil in an aroma diffuser in the little one’s room? It is safe to use essential oils in this way, as long as you make sure that they are diluted, from birth. Alternatively, from 3 months, it may be useful to add a drop or two of essential oil to about ½-1 teaspoon of coconut oil, which brings us on to the next natural remedy.


Giving your little one leg and foot message just before bed, is a sure fire way of helping them get off to sleep. Use the coconut oil, with lavender essential oil if you like, and this will help to make your baby relaxed enough to fall asleep. Not only is it relaxing, but it’s also a great way of connecting with your baby, especially if you have been having a difficult day!

Try using a wool soaker

The main thing which is likely to startle your baby during the night is a wet diaper. This can be avoided by putting a wool soaker over their diaper. So how does it work? Well, the wool soaker absorbs moisture from the diaper and its lanolin coating keeps the urine from leaking out of the back of the wool! This will help keep your baby and their clothes stay a lot drier and have an undisturbed sleep!


If your baby suffers from gas or other stomach issues which prevents them from getting sleep, try using colic tablets which contain natural ingredients. This will help your little one sleep for longer!

Cherry Pit Pillows

The last natural remedy we suggest you try are cherry pit pillows. The function of these pillows, which are a traditional European household remedy, is to help your baby if they are suffering from the colic. If you microwave the pillow, with the cherry pit in, and place it on your baby’s belly, it will release a soothing moist heat which will help to soothe any colic your baby may suffer from during the night.

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