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Top tips for travelling solo with children

Travelling with children can be a stressful time, let alone travelling with them by yourself! Here are our top tips for stress-free travel with your children.

Be organized

This is very important and is key to the success of travelling with children! Make sure that you pack wisely, and for all eventualities, as well as making sure that you know exactly where everything is. This will make it quicker to clean up your little one whilst stopping your toddler from charging down the aisle.


As I’m sure you are aware, children like to eat! You are probably already used to carrying around the usual snacks, crackers, apples etc. but when travelling with children, it is essential that you stock up on goodies. There is nothing worse than being delayed at the airport and having nothing to feed your children.

Don’t be afraid to accept help

There are nice people out there, who are more than willing to help you if they see that you are struggling. So, don’t be afraid to accept help from strangers, unless they obviously look suspicious!

Don’t forget the toys!

It is essential to make sure that you have a good supply of toys and magazines to keep your little ones distracted throughout the journey. It may also be worthwhile to bring with you a “surprise” toy, so this can be used a reward for good behaviour during the flight, or to distract when they are becoming extremely fractious.

Try not to let the stress show!

Children are good at detecting when mummy or daddy is feeling stressed so it is important to make sure that you stay calm and composed throughout the journey. It will also help to keep the good mood up and stop your children from becoming moody or tired.

Don’t forget that it is your holiday too, so make sure that you enjoy it as much as your children do!

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