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Top Tips For Visiting New York With Your Baby

The thought of taking your little ones to the Big Apple can be quite daunting, but if you follow these tips then you’re trip is bound to be a smooth one! Make sure that you plan your time carefully as it can be quite tiring for adults, let alone for those with little legs!

These top 5 tips will help you find the best places to eat and sleep on your mini-break to New York.

You can’t go wrong with fast food!

The great thing about New York is that you can always find somewhere to get a snack for your little one. Once your child is a toddler, your nutritional standards have dropped somewhat, you won’t think twice about giving your little one a burger, slice of pizza or even a hotdog!

The great thing about this is that there are an abundance of vendors selling hotdogs and practically a good old pizza joint on every block.

Try a New York Delicatessen

New York is full of delicatessen’s and these are the perfect option for an easy and inexpensive meal for all the family. Most of these deli’s are actually buffets serving hot and cold foods, which is perfect for letting the kids choose their own food.

Gourmet baby food delivery

When it comes to taking your baby on holiday, you might be anxious about switching to jars of baby food, especially if you usually make baby food at home. Don’t fear though, some businesses in New York will deliver homemade baby food to your hotel, just as they would for people living in the local area.

Don’t forget to sleep!

When visiting the ‘city that never sleeps’, don’t forget that you and your little ones will need to sleep at some point! Whilst it can be tempting to forgo the usual afternoon nap, it may be better to plan your activities around nap-time. This is especially helpful if your hotel is close to the area you will spending the most time in, which comes onto my next point…

Stay in the same area you intend to explore

It’s a great idea to find a hotel in the area you intend to stay in for most of your holiday. Not only is it convenient for nap-time, it can also save some money by avoiding public transport when sightseeing. One great thing about visiting New York is just wandering around aimlessly, soaking up the atmosphere, but your kids may not agree with this! Staying in the same area can be a great way of ensuring that you make the most of your trip as well as keeping everyone in the family happy!

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