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Transitioning From Baby Food To Table Food



Congratulations! You have a one year old! Now it’s time to start getting off the baby food. If you have extra baby food after your child’s first birthday, you should have her eat that first while introducing table food. Make sure to ask your doctors what is okay for your child to eat. As always, start out with soft foods.

Starter Foods

Ideal starter foods would be either soft foods or foods that will melt in your baby’s mouth. Soft foods include mashed potatoes and applesauce. These are good transition foods because they have the same consistency as baby food.

Foods that will melt in your mouth include Gerber Puffs, cheese puffs, and graham crackers. It goes easy on your child’s gums and teeth. Especially when your child is first learning to chew!


Dramatic Chewing

When you dramatically chew in front of your child she will dramatically chew back at you to get the movements of chewing. This is helpful in the first week of transitioning since she is not used to chewing baby food. There is a higher chance of her shoving too much food in her mouth and choking on it in the first week of introducing table foods.

Stick With Gerber, On Occasion

Sticking with Gerber graduates foods are going to be helpful for a while. Gerber offers pouches for on the go families. These are helpful for when you’re out and about but your toddler gets hungry. If you’re curious how much your child should eat, they are 4oz. each so they are equal to 1 baby food jar.


These are some ways to get your little one started on the good stuff! As always, talk to your doctor at her one-year check-up before starting anything to make sure your child is ready. You’ve got this, parents! He wish you the best of luck and the littlest of messes!



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