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Mommy How-To: Trimming Your Child’s Fingernails

Ouch! Your baby has struck again with what seems like her tiger claws. It’s about that time to trim them and all you can think about is “what if I cut her little fingers?” Well, Snuggin has some tips and tricks to get you through it!

Tricks for Trimming:

  • File: File your baby’s nails with an emory board to cutting her fingers. While this avoids cutting their fingers, it will take more time! The Zoli Buzz B is a great oscillating file that trims baby nails!

baby nails

  • Call in the Troops!: Don’t brave it alone! Get someone to help hold down your baby’s arms and hands. If you have an extremely active baby, you know what we mean!


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  • Wait: Waiting for the right time will make you less stressed. It seems to be best when she is sleeping or eating a bottle.

Mother files her infant's nails while lying in bed

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  • The Clippers: Getting the right tools is crucial. Using baby nail clippers or rounded tip scissors are better. The baby nail clippers with the magnifying glass are even better! Adult nail clippers make it harder to distinguish between your baby’s skin and the actual nail.

nail clippers

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  • Don’t Panic!: If you do happen to clip your child’s finger, stay calm! That’s like the last thing you want to do, but it helps to not freak out. Just wrap some gauze around the cut until it stops bleeding. If it keeps bleeding through, call your doctor and see what they suggest.

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Even if you do clip a finger, it was an accident. Your little one will forgive you!

Don’t worry, you can do this!


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