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Ways To Decorate Your Daughter’s Nursery

Congrats, it’s a girl! Now you can do your gender reveal and start decorating the nursery! But wait, where do you even start? Usually starting with a theme of a color, character, or show helps! Then you can buy/make accessories that fit into that theme. Here are some other factors to think about!

Cute, Girly Wall Things

Let’s face it, there will always be cute girly ideas to put on the wall. However, there will not always be enough wall space! Some examples of the cute, girly wall things are below!

String Art has become incredibly popular over the past two years. This can be used for many things in a little girl’s room, including her name. It’s a nice, but different, touch compared to the painted or covered wooden letters.

string art

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Canopies are more of a “ceiling art” but that’s still a wall, right? Anyway, these add a cute touch of color in a neutral colored room. These are more ideal for the first 6 months, but after that they can become a hassle and potentially a danger. They look really cute, but then once your child can crawl around and pull herself up, she can grab onto it and try to pull it down. However, for the first however many months until that happens, they are a cute and fun touch to a baby girl nursery!


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Sometimes you have this extremely cute idea, like an underwater theme of whales, turtles, dolphins, etc., but it doesn’t come in a “girly” style. What do you do? You buy they “boyish” looking bed set and get a light pink breathable crib bumper! And bam! You have your bed set for your baby girl! If you couldn’t tell, that’s from personal experience!

Another idea is to get the set, but have extra sheets that are girly. Don’t worry about using them, you’ll definitely need them! Even if it doesn’t quite match your theme, it probably won’t be on the bed before too long and you’ll have to change it.


Organization can be tough to figure out what exactly you need. Toy storage is always hard to judge and hard to find the perfect solution for the style and size room you have. After all, you don’t know how many toys you will get at the baby shower! It’s a good idea to start with a bin of some sort for all of the toys and as you go along, you can add more storage and put some of the older toys away for later.

toy box box

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Just like in our other blog, Ways To Decorate Your Son’s Nursery, you can use the zoo for stuffed animals. This is a cute, but fun way to keep stuffed animals off the floor and out of the crib! The cheapest we have seen them for is $68.00, but depending on where you get the wood, elastic, paint, and everything else you could possibly do it yourself cheaper.

zoo zoo1

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Room Styles

You can start to think about how you want your little girl’s nursery to look. There are really only two different styles; bright and colorful or calm with color.

Bright and colorful rooms are nice because of all the excitement, but not extremely helpful for rocking your baby to sleep. When there are patterns and colors on the wall, your little girl might be more interested in that than sleeping. However, they can also be great distractors! The zebra walls are especially good for that!


Image Source

Calm with Color Rooms are more popular because they provide a peaceful vibe to them. These rooms are easier for a baby to become more relaxed in. Also, the colors give the room a bit of a “pop”.  This helps to tie the room together.


Image Source


There are endless ways to decorate your little girl’s room! Try not to overthink it, but make it how you want. After all, you’ll be in there almost as much as your baby! Happy decorating!


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