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Mommy How-To: Weaning your Child off of the Pacifier

The time has come to wean your child off of the pacifier. You mentally prepare yourself for the endless screaming and crying. Then you realize that’s the only way your little one goes to sleep, so there goes you sleep too. But wait! Snuggin is here to help!

Before you get started, remember that a pacifier to a baby is like a pillow to adults. It comforts us. It is ideal to keep your baby on the pacifier until they are at least one for their comfort.

One alternative to completely taking it away is to just have it for a specific time of day/activity. For example, only having the pacifier while sleeping, but once they wake up it goes away.

However, if it’s time to get rid of the binky for good we have some helpful tips to get rid of it!


  • Cut a small hole in the tip of the pacifier. That will cause it to not work and you can tell them it’s broken.
  • Cut off the tops of the pacifier completely and let them have the plastic part.
  • You can send it away to the “pacifier fairy.” Kids get excited to hear about any fairy, this will help them understand that their pacifiers will be gone one day.
  • Noise machines can help soothe them to sleep. It also can help with your baby staying asleep!
  • Putting them on the top shelf somewhere where it is hard for YOU to reach.
  • Put them in a special place after nap time and he can only have it during nap time or at night.


We know it’s tough to get rid of something that your child has grown accustomed to, but it can (and will) happen! Also, all children are different so if this is your second child you might have to try something different than the first.

Don’t give up after three days of failure; it will take time for your child to get used to something else!



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